How to Do the Shit, I Mean the Sheet.

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One of my sins the first thing in the morning is getting out of bed and leaving it as it is. Doing a simple fold and putting the pillows back in proper and presentable position is really hard to master. As much as “I will be late” is the longest running excuse, I am just really as sleazy when it comes to that. Besides, I can sleep anytime, anywhere in any position.

So one of the great things I am looking forward to when spending overnights in a nice hotel is the pretty comfy bed and oh-so crispy-scented bed sheets. I’ll die for the smell and touch of linens. While Rolex would always imagine how to transform our own bedroom into a hotel room’s interiors, I would wish that to add to that, we have a housekeeping staff who will just make our bed perfect…Just like this…

video credit: goop



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  • La Mode Operandi Operandi

    I suck at making my bed, I wish I had a little maid tucked away in my closet, ready to make my bed every morning…and not feel bad that I have a stowaway in my closet…

    • kaloka

      haha!very funny. do you want your stowaway dressed up like a real chambermaid?