How Floyd Mayweather Spends His Millions? Let Us Count The Ways

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floyd mayweather

In the year 2014 Forbes named Floyd Mayweather as the highest paid athlete in the world. After the recent match with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas last May 2, he is even richer by I guess $200M.

A self-confessed materialistic and motivated by money, Flyod Mayweather a.k.a. “Money” claims that God is first in his life. According to a caption in one of his Instagram posts, “GOD will not give you anything you can’t handle. That’s why GOD gave me the best hands in the business to pray with, box with and count money with.”

He is the perfect example of a man who has it and who flaunts it. So lets find out how Floyd Mayweather spends his millions.

1) If Hugh Hefner has a “Playboy Mansion”, Floyd Mayweather has a “Bigboy Mansion”. It’s ridiculous, it has its own Instagram account @bigboymansion with the tag “This mansion speaks because it was paid in cash.”

Floyd Mayweather Bigboy Mansion

2) He enjoys his “Outfit of the Day” (#ootd) dressing in ternos from head to toe.

3) Still on the wardrobe, he also fancies wearing fur, as in yellow fur to match the yellow sports car.

4) He is a certified shopaholic. In fact, Burberry brought itself to the Bigboy mansion for private shopping.

5) He jetsets in his own 14-seater private plane and even takes the chopper when the traffic in town is insurmountable.

6) He does not only own cars, he has a fleet.

7) He also loves gifting cars (well, I wouldn’t mind, thank you very much).

photo 2

8) He keeps up with the Kardashians.

9) Just like the Kardashians, Floyd loves his Hermes bags in the most expensive material (croc and ostrich).

floyd mayweather

10) Tell me your worth and I’ll give you more than that. In his son’s party where French Montana performed, Floyd paid him $200,000 when French’s asking price tag was only $70,000.

11) He is “Imeldific” as in ostentatiously extravagant when it comes to footwear.

12) Every man must own at least one decent watch and he owns not just one but how many??? According to him, its all about having choices.

13) Diamonds are also his best friend.

mayweather blings

14) While Santa Claus rides a sleigh with a bag of gifts, he displays himself beside the Christmas tree at the top of a gigantic portable Gucci trunk closet.

15) After a hard day’s training, he loves to pamper himself in glow-in-the-dark fish foot spa.

16) He bonds with BFF Justin Bieber in private manicure, pedicure and massage sessions.

floyd mayweather with justin bieber

17) He pays a hefty amount of money for this bootylicious assistant giving him a bath.

18) He might not feed his soul but he feeds his body in the most luxurious way.

19) He paid $1.3 M for this in 2008. I don’t even know what the hell it is.

20) He only dries himself in Louis Vuitton towels.

louis vuitton towel


Floyd Mayweather is the indeed the highest paid athlete in the world, but with zero endorsement? I don’t even wonder why. No brand would dare put his face on their products.

PS. In all honesty, all women in the world love diamonds, bags, shoes, clothes and pampering ourselves. We all envy you Floyd.


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