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Growing up, holy week means Family time-At home-and Church-and No Pork on Friday. As a kid, my mama would tell me not to play outside the house on Good Friday (Byernes Santo) because Jesus died on that day and so if something bad happens to me, who will save me? who will heal me? who will protect me? Then on Fridays, we do not have regular meal. We eat light breakfast and have "binignit" (hot halo2x) for lunch and light dinner. No one was allowed to travel or be away from home, every family member should be at home.
When I grew up, I realized that Jesus just died once and has risen and is alive forever. See what parents do just to keep children still and just stay put during holy week. Though I worked in the big city, I make an effort to be home during holy week. I still do not eat pork during Good Friday and I still go to church.

Now that I am married, I have, Rolex and I have our own holy week tradition. It has been like this for the last 3 years of married life and since moving in to Oman. We feel blessed that inspite being here in a Muslim country, Christianity is never banned nor prohibited.

Our first stop for lunch was the beach at the back of Grand Hyatt Hotel. I love the fusion of the green grass, sand and seawater.

Dress: Mango Flipflops: Gap

Right after lunch, we headed to our home away from home at Golden Tulip Hotel (bless you for the discount).

The mass service starts at 7pm so Rolex super availed an hour nap while I sat on the laptop to chat with my family back home. They were all together except for my other sister and her kids who were in the UK. I miss home and the internet was not helping me with homesickness, the signal was terrible. After taking this shot while Rolex doze off, I put the camera back inside the case and forgot to turn it off…and so the camera battery died on us.

Searching for parking space at church at this time is an amazing race but again we were blessed to spot a space on-the-spot. We arrived at 7pm and the mass actually started at 7:30 pm so again we were blessed to get in ahead in time for the rosary. The priest who gave the homily was Indian and he was really good. He had no notes to refer to. His homily came from the heart, full of emotion. We had dinner in a small Filipino restaurant  which I will not say anything more because we are not coming back. I am not really fasting or abstaining from anything. However my husband does. Rolex didn't have pork not even beef or chicken the entire week and I have no choice but to be on a seafood-diet also the entire week. So for dinner we had shrimp and vegetables. Now, this I think is a little weird or shall I say "the wicked part" but we went to a bar in the hotel to have drinks. I ordered margarita while the waitress was stunned when Rolex ordered pineapple juice! A Filipino band played (ok, period.) I haven't had any alcoholic drink for quite a while and "one glass of margarita for the sweet senorita" struck me. I soaked myself in the bath tub then hit the sack.

Waking up early in a hotel room is not my forte. Grrrr, how I love to snuggle underneath the duvet. We had late breakfast and while I enjoyed my chicken sausages and beef bacon, Rolex devoured 1 scrambled egg with milk, 1 omelette and 2 boiled eggs (hello, he defied meat and so be it). I asked him why he ate a whole lot of eggs when chicken came from eggs. As usual, he didn't mind me. After check out, we went straight for "visita iglesia" and way of the cross. With just 2 churches in the city, "visita iglesia" was just quick but again the search for parking was not. The heat was excruciating! In the first church that we went, honestly I didn't kneel every time it was called for during the way of the cross because the sun just turned my head upside down. Then I realized, who am I to complain? and so I was serious in the second way of the cross. I braved myself, this is just a simple sacrifice. 38-40 degrees celsius is way, way nothing. So I finished the way of the cross wholeheartedly.

Back to work again tomorrow. Holy week is not a holiday here but we feel blessed to be able to observe the lenten season the best way we can. Have a blessed Easter weekend everyone!


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