Hello Canada

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Magnificent view on the way to Calgary

We survived our first 3 months in Canada. Thank you Lord. Thank you for family and friends who helped us get through this. In fact we are not yet through with our settlement. We are still in the process. It takes a while and not as easy as you think it might be. I am fortunate to have known and practiced how to manage my expectations and to have somehow mastered the art of always being positive.

Missing the Land of Kaugahan

I miss our lives in Oman. It has become our comfort zone for the past 7 years. The endless public holidays, very laid back environment and the company of close friends are the ones I missed the most. Kept thinking about the sunny days (not the scorching heat) while the weather forecast here says it’s going to snow tomorrow.

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Life is just the way it is. Fleeting as it may seem, it is true that change is the only enduring presence of our reality. It makes no sense anymore to hold on to something that no longer serves as a means of achieving our goals specially our long-term plans. We continue to chase our dreams and just always pray for the best.

Bienvenue au Canada

To mark our arrival, Rolex and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a simple dinner and a bottle of red wine. Looking back, I realized that as a couple we are always on the move that we have been celebrating anniversaries each year in a different country (1-Philippines, 2-England, 3-Singapore, 4-Thailand, 5-Austria, 6-Canada).

wedding anniversary

Happy 6th wedding anniversary to us!

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Firsts in Canada

To keep away from the blues, we just had our first Thanksgiving and Halloween here in Canada which are both major happenings. As expected, I did not prepare a roasted turkey but my sister Ednatot did. Sadly, I was both sick and working during Halloween that I was not able to join them for the traditional Trick or Treat. It was such a big deal that my nephew Nile had his costume prepared a month in advance. On top of that, he told me that if I haven’t experienced Trick or Treat as a kid, then I never had a childhood (tsk…tsk…tsk).


Happy Thanksgiving 2015

halloween 2015

We also visited my best friend Fiona and her family in Calgary. Altogether we went to Banff and were simply amazed by the scenery. I swear we wanted to return. Another tourist attraction we went was Drumheller, a town in Red Deer River valley where you can see the World’s Largest Dinosaur.


Downtown Calgary


Fionel’s reunited <3 – just for the record, we coined the name Fionel long before Kimmerald or Kathniel was born!

Lake Louise

Welcome to Drumheller


Comparing my supermodel height with the Dino’s leg

World’s Largest Dinosaur

The World’s Largest Dinosaur is located in Drumheller, Alberta Canada.  Drumheller is the heart of the Canadian Badlands and is widely recognized as “Dinosaur Capital of the World.” – www.worldslargestdinosaur.com

A taste of my own jinx powers

Officially an Edmontonian

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. It is a cultural, governmental and educational center. It hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname “Canada’s Festival City”. It is home to North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall (the world’s largest mall from 1981 until 2004), and Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum. – wiki


Fall 2015

In spite of my jinx powers, the weather has been so good. As early as November 1 last year in Edmonton, you can already build a snowman but this year is quite different. Though we are experiencing intermittent snowfall for the past week, it was not heavy or bad at all.

So…what now? Honestly, I am scared of the winter. I am not excited to build a snowman at all. To make it worst I am still nursing a flu (thankful my cough is not that scandalous anymore).


At the Louis Vuitton Store in Edmonton, Alberta

While Rolex is back to school taking up Robotics and Automation (huh?), I am starting a new career. Officially I am working in the fashion industry. What my job exactly? Let’s put it this way…last week I dropped by at Louis Vuitton to shop a bag for a client. I wish I am shopping for myself but yes I am paid to shop for others. Of course, I am a woman for others, haha! Seriously, this is what I wanted to do since I was little but I’m still confused if I am willing to start anew in this career path or pursue a continuing education and go back to Accountancy.


All wrapped up for the cold

Bye for now. I am off to the Filipino store to buy steamed bananas with anchovy sauce (nilung-ag na saging sawsaw sa ginamos).


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