Happy New Year 2017

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new year

Marlborough, Calgary

Happy new year, Happy 2017, Happy Year of the Fire Rooster, Happy Greenery (color of the year), Kung Hei Fat Choi! Whatever, just be happy!

I am so happy. Didn’t you know I spent January 1, 2017 (12:01 AM) in a car? trapped in traffic? Consequently, I missed the fireworks. I just love how my 10-year-old nephew Nile’s reaction was on the traffic jam. “I hate the government that controls the people”, he said. Please explain…Well, he said that the government controlled the traffic lights and didn’t do its best to let the flow go faster so we won’t miss the New Year’s fireworks display.

New Year has always been bittersweet. I want to freeze in time the happy moments, however I also want to just dump somewhere irretrievable the terrible ones…like bad #ootd (lol).

new year

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How about resolutions? As far as I can remember, I never had any since year 1 of my whole existence. Any time of the year, I just have light bulb moments. For instance, just this October or November, I realized that I should make it a short-term goal of 2016 to take the driving written exam. I did and passed (one take only) on December 30. Now, I finally have my learner’s licence (this made Rolex’ happier than me).

new year

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