Flu to Allergic Bronchitis

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Allergic Bronchitis

St. James Park – London, England

I miss my healthy self. I can eat ice cream. I can gamely pose for a photo op. The list goes on and on but the bottom line is that I am happy when I am healthy. I started getting sick when Rolex and I were about to venture into the European trail of our holiday. I had flu. It sucks to be ill when you travel. Of all the things I have prepared for our vacation, I have totally missed the health part. I should have built my immune system as hard as steel to resist all the virus that breeds in the world today.

Flu to Allergic Bronchitis

Playing around with my sister LT while waiting for our ride to Lake District

Thank God it’s not Ebola or MERS but one thing I am grateful is that in times like this, I am not alone. Of course Rolex is with me who keeps on asking me everyday, “Are you feeling better now?” Obviously, I am not.

From my sister’s place in Newcastle, we took a bus ride to Glasgow, Scotland (Erwin, our stay in Glasgow deserves a separate blog post) and from there we flew to Barcelona, Spain and then to Warsaw, Poland where for the first time in my life, somebody welcomed me with roses at the airport. This really made me feel better.

Modlin Airport Poland

Modlin Airport, Poland

In Warsaw, Poland we visited Rolex’ aunt, Tita Marilyn and her lovely family. We stayed there for 4 days and day 1 was the onset of my flu. It was such a blessing to know that across the globe, you can say that you have a family who will take care of you. She gave me medication (she’s a nurse by the way) and cooked and fed me with healthy food ensuring I always have soup to soothe my cough. Her husband Tito Piot was equally doting that because of him, I have discovered one of my favorite drinks, hot tea with lemon and honey.

Dypczynski Residence, Warsaw, Poland

warsaw poland

A lake at the back of Dypczynski Residence

warsaw, poland

With Tito Piot and Tita Marilyn at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw, Poland

Who would have thought that I am nursing a flu in the above photo? Well, I really felt bad that I was sick. Rolex and I could have done tremendous amount of adventure but due to health reasons, I have limitations. I get tired and feel cold easily.

Now that vacation is over, I am not well again and have been on sick leave for 2 days now. All the while I thought that the end of my flu was the beginning of re-gaining my old self back. Unfortunately, the doctor diagnosed that I have allergic bronchitis.

According to my research, allergic bronchitis occur often after a cold or flu and will last for 2-3 weeks. I have been coughing non-stop like a mad dog. It’s very disturbing. Thank God again that my mama is still here. What a relief.

 photo DSC_0592_zps0b33a42f.jpg

Mama & I in Edinburgh, Scotland

Please pray for my swift recovery.

PS. I will post more of our trip to Poland in the coming days.


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