First Quarter Storm

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first quarter storm

Edinburgh, Scotland UK – July 2014

While I was about to write this personal post, the words “First Quarter Storm” just came about as a title. Very appropriate indeed.

The First Quarter Storm was a period of leftist unrest in the Philippines, composed of a series of heavy demonstrations, protests, and marches against the government from January to March 1970, or the first quarter of 1970. It was one of the factors leading to the declaration of Martial Law in 1972. – Wiki

The first quarter of 2015 is about to end and wow what a hell of a quarter it was. I received all bad news imaginable in a span of 3 months, the worst being the passing my my mama. While it’s true that going through the most difficult times in life makes one stronger, I can’t deny also the fact that a lot of things scare me. Tell it to the fortune teller, she’s not suppose to say any misfortune but only fortune. It’s normal to be scared because while it’s right to calculate risk, still you can’t predict the future. Believe me when I say that being scared only means one thing, you are not a robot and yes you are about to do something great and brave.

dubai miracle garden

Dubai Miracle Garden- Jan 2015

I thought this year sucks and when the first quarter is about to end, I just got the good news I was waiting for almost a year now. In God’s time, everything’s just going to be fine and I will be back to my normal “abnormal” self.

first quarter storm

Abu Dhabi – March 2015


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