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Boyfriend’s Shirt: Reaction by Kenneth Cole (denim version here)

Shorts: H&M (Similar here)

Flipflops: Gap

Bag: Louis Vuitton

It’s NOT finally I set foot on Singapore’s Universal Studio… I meant, finally…I am able to wear shorts. I’ve been shorts deprived for almost 2 years. I did have a chance when we were in Europe but I just cant stand the cold weather even in the month of July/ August (imagine winter!) As you all know, shorts or any clothing which is way above the knee is prohibited in the Land of Kaugahan. Well you can try wearing them at your own risk. Men will drool at you like you are the cheapest whore on earth (specifically in my case since I reside in the cultural and religious capital of the country). Thankfully, we are not required to wear Abaya (though I would love to wear it one day).

Finally I can say I finally set foot on a land where I feel free. Free to wear what I want without being misjudged. However, as they say…When in Rome, act like a Roman. So as a sign of respect to a country’s culture and beliefs, you have to follow the proper dress code.

PS. If you find my shorts short, please bear with me. As I’ve said, I am deprived though I am no way taking my limits to the “pek-pek” shorts level like in here. I just simply wearing boyfriend’s shirt so it looks like there’s nothing underneath on some pictures.

And thanks to Rolex who has no single comment to almost all piece of clothing I wear. He is just like that. He doesn’t care, haha!



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