Do You Have the X Factor?

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I always talk to my niece AJ. Thanks to Viber. Same with Skype, it was previously blocked here in the Land of Kaugahan, but not anymore. I don’t know with Skype. AJ is 18 now. She said “love you” after our conversation. She’s not really sweet just like her mom but she talks to me about anything under the heat of the Arabian sun and beyond (I hope so).

Our recent conversation was about the X-Factor auditions in Newcastle, England. Along with her friends, she went to the audition and posted this on her FB and Instagram with the caption “Only 3 rows away from the judges table!:D”.

X Factor Auditions in Newcastle, England

I freaked out thinking…she auditioned without telling me?haha!

AJ loves to sing. She watched Madonna’s Like a Prayer concert on VHS when she was 2 over and over again…every morning, everyday. In gradeschool she won various singing competitions. In highschool, she played the character of Rizzo in the school production of the musical Grease. 3 years ago when she came home for my wedding, I was stunned when I saw her sing and dance Michael Jackson’s Beat It (privately at home though). She still loves music until now. To add to that, she’s also into duvets, paints and paintings, home decors, furniture, carpets…etc. Is she into Interior Design? Well, at 18 there’s alot of things you want to do. Just be the best that you can be.

By the way, she didn’t audition. She just came to watch the audition. I asked why? She said, she’s not prepared. Fine. Actually, Im the one who is scared for her.

X Factor didn’t come to Newcastle after 6 years. I don’t know why (let’s ask Simon Cowell). AJ told me that the contestants actually auditioned first with the producers around March then with the judges around this time. X Factor will be shown in Britain by August or September this year. What’s the highlight? There was a man who dressed up in a lion tiger suit , painted whiskers on his face, tote a toy lion and sang “The Circle of Life”. Hillarious!

In this season’s X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls replaced Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child as a judge. So how’s Nicole? AJ described her as way too thin, as in extremely thin like Kim Kardashian. What? Are you kidding me? Kim Kardashian is not thin. Period. Well, “thinness” is in the eye of the beholder.


Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa

To all 18-year-olds out there, listen…eat well and live well. Being artificially thin is not in. Being fit and healthy is the right way to live. You’re life has just started. Do anything you want as long as it is legal and won’t cause you any harm. Lessons learned from others is the perfect way of knowing what is right or wrong. Do it right the first time. Do your best. If it fails, there’s always next time. Pray and love your family. They are the only constant in your life. Always remember, you have the X Factor.

PS. Thanks Wena for the photos.



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