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If there is someone who knows myself very well, its no other than myself. Right or wrong? It can really be daunting not knowing who you are. I mean at my age? Hello! I don’t want to wait until I turn 40 and let my life begin.

Over the past years, I have mastered the art of “deadma”, let me re-phrase it, “selective deadma”. What is the meaning of deadma? It means totally not giving a damn about anything that could have a negative effect in one’s being.

I don’t have a lot of friends. My circle is enough to know who my true friends are. I will not say that I am choosy but I always guard my attachment on another person because that’s who I am. On the other hand I am a very emotional person. I cry easily. I am affected sincerely. However, the passion in my heart reaches to a boiling point in my head when I finally realized that an attention-seeking individual has disguised into a very doting angel then turned into an emotional vampire and sucked my compassion and sympathy. What makes it worst is that after a calculated guess based on pure circumstances, I find out that the instance that shaked my world is somehow fake.

I hate it and I am moving forward by saying #deadma. I am so over with all the drama.

PS. Want to master the art of deadma? Call me 🙂


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