Crowning Glory

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I have done all kinds of hairstyle.Except for bald or skin-head, I am a curly top until 3 I guess. My childhood memories were spent sporting a boy-cut. It was only in third grade when I thought that a bob cut is already a Rapunzel because my first taste of long locks was when I was in the university already. Can you now imagine how I managed my crowning glory?

The photo above shows the current status of my hair (its actually worst in person). The ombre effect is actually the result of a haircolor I had in 2011 that was never re-touched. It’s just because I wanted my original black color back so I left it that way. Should I be thankful that the ombre hair color is quite the trend now? (Wiki says that “ombre hair color” is a technique where the hair is darker at the roots, and lighter at the ends). I usually have the urge to chop my hair every time my birthday is just around the corner. I’ve never had my hair done here in the Land of Kaugahan. I am scared but I will soon. Cross my fingers it will turn out just fine. So now, I am searching for my kind of hairstyle. A look that is not just right for my hair type but fits my facial structure and personality. No matter how I wanted to go with big wavy curls (imagine Carrie Bradshaw), it just wont sit well with my freakin face. There is also one problem every time I have a new hairdo, it  always looks good right after the cut and the blowdry. The following day, after I’ve washed my hair, it spells disaster. Hayyy…anyways, here are some of the looks I’ve been looking at. I hope the hairstylist can copy this, plus I hope I look like these girls when I wake up tomorrow.

crowning glory

PS. Yes I love bangs.


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