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London Landmarks

The year was 2008. My first time in London and obviously I took nothing but all the touristy photos as much as possible 🙂 It’s 2011 and I can’t wait to be back! Cheers!    CONTINUE READING →

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea

As described in their website, Skyview Bar inside Burj Al Arab is “Suspended 200 metres above sea level, spectacular views are guaranteed. This stylish bar is located adjacent to the renowned Al Muntaha restaurant. This is a wonderful location for afternoon tea, and pre- and post-dinner drinks that are served within an ambience of luxury and […] CONTINUE READING →

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai

The other day, I shared an article about Expensive Hotel Destinations and I am really surprised that according to a survey by, Oman tops the list! Gosh Oh!Man!, my current state of Land of Kaugahan. That post reminded me of my afternoon tea experience in Burj Al Arab hotel which is frequently described as […] CONTINUE READING →

Expensive Hotel Destination

 In other countries, summer is about to end in May but here in the Middle East, summer is just about to put all of us on fire. Going home after work, I always check the temperature outside. The other day it was 40°C and yesterday was 39°C (kulang na lang mag-convulsion ka) but that is […] CONTINUE READING →


 Do you dream of becoming a President or King and rule your own world? Why not! If you have a ka-ching-ka-ching of  GBP 40,000 (approximately Php 2.8 M at the current exchange rate), it’s not an impossible dream anymore. Country for Rent : LIECHTENSTEIN Liechtenstein is a tiny country in Central Europe bordered by Switzerland […] CONTINUE READING →

Royal Wedding Crashers

 Have you received your invites? A few hours from now, the world will witness the Royal Union of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, future King and Queen of England. The marriage rites will be at the Westminster Abbey (I can’t wait to see her gown). Reception follows at the Buckingham Palace. They are all set […] CONTINUE READING →


 Got this from my inbox. Watch out for what Oman has to offer for tourism this year 2011. Book your tickets now! NEWS RELEASE Oman’s Tourism accommodation, Attractions and experiences Take Off   ·         2011 is a record year for Oman’s portfolio of hotels, exceeding 1,400 new rooms.   ·         Resort hotels such as the Sahab […] CONTINUE READING →

JetSetGo : Alnwick Castle, England

 Alnwick  Castle  (pronouned An-ick) is the second largest inhabited castle in England (next to Windsor Castle). It is also known as the Windsor of the North. This site was used in filming the exterior of Hogwarts (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) in the first 2 Harry Potter movies : Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of […] CONTINUE READING →

JetSetGo : AL JABAL AL AKHDAR part 2

 This is the second part of my Al Jabal Al Akhdar adventure. ( Part 1 here )Since Rolex discovered his passion for photography, he has no choice but to give in to a little of my narcissistic side. (any minute now, the bees are coming all over me!) All Photos taken by : ByBernard Cheers! CONTINUE READING →


 At about 10,000 feet above sea level, Al Jabal Al Akhdar (The Green Mountain) is one of the highest peaks in the Sultanate of Oman. It is a part of the Al Hajar mountain range that includes Jabal Shams which happens to be the highest mountain in Eastern Arabia. According to the locals, it snows […] CONTINUE READING →


 Speaking of London Bridge ( which I pray is not falling down ), we often think of the Tower Bridge as the London Bridge. Tower Bridge Actually, the London Bridge is just a plain looking bridge connecting the city of London and Southwark in Central London. It is lying between the Railway Bridge and the […] CONTINUE READING →


 Edinburgh is the capital City of Scotland. The old and new towns of Edinburgh together comprise one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world, inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage. Mix n’ Match. Im wearing a skirt from Sari2x, blazer from Loalde, shawl borrowed from Te Ed and gladiator sandals from Next. Edinburgh […] CONTINUE READING →

Fly Cebu Pacific And End Up In Hell

“Do not make decisions when you are at the peak of your emotions”. I truly agree and that is the reason why I am putting this into writing just now…3 days after that very day, I swear Cebu Pacific should fly from the Pacific and end up in hell! Leaving your family for another year of […] CONTINUE READING →

Certified Jinx

 May balat ka sa puwet? WALA! I don’t know what’s with me? But I am a total jinx when it comes to anything related to VISA. Well, what to do, we are fuckin’ 3rd world living things. 1) 2005 – US VISA – all of us (from Kabibe) that applied on the same day were denied. […] CONTINUE READING →