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Rolex and Halloween

This is a very late post.Bow. I don’t know if its a sign of luck or what but Rolex was born once upon a time on November 1. Enough said, enjoy this photo overload on how we celebrated his birthday. * all photos were taken using my Iphone 5 (I wish) Iphone4s. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Right to Suffrage

I accompanied Rolex today to the Philippine Embassy to get his fresh passport. Upon entering, I saw the poster which says : Deadline for voters’ registration is 31 October 2012. That’s today! After I made a very quick stop to the toilet, I came back to the reception. The staff at the embassy handed me […] CONTINUE READING →

The Cover Letter

 My niece AJ is turning 19 this month. Wow! That was fast. Where’s the little girl we call Aj,  AjAnn, Ting2x, Batingting, Antoine, Toine…? Right now she is taking up a Business course in the UK. At the same time she is also working part-time at the store where Rolex often buys his favorite shirt. […] CONTINUE READING →

How to Dress Up Men ?

My friend plugged me in recently and asked: Can you feature “Men Must Have”? Yeah right! I  never thought on how to fine tune men when it comes to fashion. In the first place, I am still in doubt if there are men reading this blog. All my life, I only know two men. My […] CONTINUE READING →

I Have A Dream

I had another weird dream, not once but twice on the same night. I woke up panting, I can even hardly breathe. I dreamt of punching, pinching and slapping Rolex over and over again. In my dream (or nightmare) I was extremely furious at him. For real, I wasn’t even mad at him. In fact […] CONTINUE READING →

11 on August 11

 Time flies so fast! Today is officially the kick off of the “BER” months which only means one thing…Christmas is coming. So before I officially move into the 4th quarter of 2012, let me just share to you this video that took me by surprise (teary-eyed) when Rolex showed me the raw file. This is […] CONTINUE READING →


Follow my niece AJ on Tumblr. She’s of legal age. She’s a little weird in her photos. She’s always that little girl for me. Cheers!   CONTINUE READING →

After 3 Years…

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2012 After 3 years, I realized that you can actually say anything you want to say to your husband. It might be the most ugly truth but living in a beautiful lie will not take you to the 4th year, I hope not. I am no good in face-to-face […] CONTINUE READING →


Sorry for being absent. I’ll be off tomorrow to meet friends from the Land of Kaugahan who will be visiting Davao. Keep in touch through Instagram @thekaloka. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

The Chedi

Last friday was not like any other day. It was the birthday of our good friend Francis and he chose to celebrate his 35th birthday (35 seemed to be the constant figure) at The Chedi Hotel in Muscat. It was unfortunate that Rolex did not bring his camera. I hope my iphone clicks would do […] CONTINUE READING →

Credit Cards and You

Warning: This is a long post. If you own a credit card or planning to have and swipe one, then this might be interesting to you. I have been really meaning to write something about this. If you follow me on instagram, you might have happened to browse these series of photos. Do you have […] CONTINUE READING →

Do You Have the X Factor?

I always talk to my niece AJ. Thanks to Viber. Same with Skype, it was previously blocked here in the Land of Kaugahan, but not anymore. I don’t know with Skype. AJ is 18 now. She said “love you” after our conversation. She’s not really sweet just like her mom but she talks to me […] CONTINUE READING →

All Dogs Go to Heaven

I am writing this after emotion has subsided… I posted this in instagram last week with the caption “Missing the doggies back home.” me and Jaguar Then my niece AJ replied telling me that THEY are dead. I was astounded! What? Are you kidding me? I know Jaguar is dead about a year ago due […] CONTINUE READING →

Are You a June Bride?

No I am not. I got married in the month of August in the year 2009…Whew! that was almost 3 years ago. When is really the perfect time to get married? I am not talking about which month of the year actually. Its not about whether your wedding is in June or December. It’s about […] CONTINUE READING →

I Am Not Ok

I am not feeling well today. First I was stung by a wasp yesterday at 6pm and got my dose of antihistamine injection on my butt (for the first time). As a result, I got home and slept too early (antihistamine is such a powerful sleeping pill). Since my sleeping pattern was distorted, I woke […] CONTINUE READING →