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The Best Mango Sticky Rice

Vacation mode is now switched on. During an 8-hour layover in Bangkok, Thailand I can’t help but have a piece of the famous Thai Mango Sticky Rice. It was great! However, nothing beats my mama’s version. The best Mango Sticky Rice in the world is from Amparo. Sorry for the lack of proper food presentation, […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Unforgettable Wedding Moments

June is about to end and I have totally ignored that it is the wedding month. I just remembered about it because my friends Papa Mike and Rose celebrated their wedding anniversary recently. How can I forget? I caught that lucky bouquet 8 years ago πŸ™‚ Do you still remember your own wedding? Like how […] CONTINUE READING β†’

It Comes in 3 and More

Two days have passed and I totally forgot that my blog has actually turned 3 years old! Oh poor me, now I am trying to figure out what I did last Sunday, 9th June resulting to temporary amnesia. See, I can’t even recall. Something has really been keeping me preoccupied. Well, I just want to […] CONTINUE READING β†’

My Relationship with a Watermelon

Thursdays have become the day before weekend in this Land of Kaughan. By this, I mean Friday and Saturday have turned into the new Saturday and Sunday respectively. Still confused? Well, just leave it. Ok, yesterday Thursday was hectic as far as I am concerned. I only spent half-day at work but ended up having […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Favorite Things Season 4

If you know me, I only have 7 living room basics in my dream home: a comfy sofa, a stylish ottoman, a beautiful self-portrait, an elegant chandelier, an array of lamps, a travel photo wall and a piano. Is that 7? It doesn’t hurt to have a view of the infinity pool but I have […] CONTINUE READING β†’

My Favorite Things Season 3

I do not wear any accessories at home, but of all the accessories in the world, I feel naked without a pair of earrings. I do not know exactly why but more than feeling naked, I feel incomplete. This pair is my favorite go-to piece for any physical or a little rugged activity. Going for […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Feeling Too Busy

I’ve been busy in my head. I think too much but there’s not much I can do yet. I am just feeling too busy. Last night I texted my bff my plans for the evening which includes “vacuum-ing” the carpet, changing bed sheets, cutting my nails, waxing my underarm and watching the latest episode of […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

I know when and how to help. I have my own charitable works but it is something I do not discuss publicly nor announce on my Facebook wall whether how small or big it might be. Rolex always tell me that is a blessing to help others. I certainly agree and if I may add, […] CONTINUE READING β†’

My Favorite Things Season 2

I feel confused, daunted, excited, a little weary and optimistic all at the same time nowadays. I honestly don’t like this kind of feelings but I will embrace it with open arms and legs πŸ™‚ That is why I am reminded of this tiny treasure that I have since I was born –Β imagine 33 years […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Habemus Papam

We were glued to BBC last night waiting for the white smoke from maybe the most famous chimney in the world. Finally when the white smoke appeared, Rolex yelled “Habemus Papam”. After a minute he came back in the bedroom with 2 glasses of red wine and again yelled “Habemus Papam”. Bless my husband, he […] CONTINUE READING β†’

My Favorite Things Season 1

I don’t know about you but when I see beautiful things, I usually take time to snap a photo of them and keep it somewhere until they have become my favorite things. What are your favorite things? It can be anything actually…your very own pieces, new products that made wonders to you, what you saw […] CONTINUE READING β†’


Today is my birthday and I am now officially 33 years old. As usual, I am having birthday blues. It worsened now that I am million miles away from my family and friends. CONTINUE READING β†’

Holiday Craze

Its a long weekend holiday craze…Thursday, Friday and Saturday are officially work-free except that I am here in the office today (Thursday). All of my workmates seemed surprised. Why? I just replied: “Its unfortunate that I am here”. Should I say thank you to my boss who insisted on having the audit by Saturday which […] CONTINUE READING β†’

The Year that was 2012

Erase and rewind or rewind and move forward. For others, it can be rewind and let go. For whatever reasons, we can always rewind. If our memory serves us fresh then we can always look back but no time machine is there ready to take us back once upon a time in our life and […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Oh My Giant Christmas Tree!

Having grown up in a country where the Christmas spirit kicks off by the time the month turns “ber” (starting in September), I can’t help but miss it so much now that I am here in the land where Christmas is nothing but an ordinary day. I have already spent 4 Christmases far away from […] CONTINUE READING β†’

End of the World

Have you seen the Nostradamus Psy Gangnam Style Doomsday video on youtube? According to the documentary, Nostradamus said “From the calm morning the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be nine”. In layman’s term, the end of the world will be on the day when Psy’s Gangnam Style […] CONTINUE READING β†’