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Flu to Allergic Bronchitis

I miss my healthy self. I can eat ice cream. I can gamely pose for a photo op. The list goes on and on but the bottom line is that I am happy when I am healthy. I started getting sick when Rolex and I were about to venture into the European trail of our […] CONTINUE READING →

Drop Pants Not Bombs

Finally back here in England for a few more days. I totally need a break from my holiday and keep psyching up myself that: “Yes, I am so ecstatic to be back to work in a week’s time”. This means also one thing, I will be back in my corner of the world where the […] CONTINUE READING →

After 5 Years…

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2014 After 5 years… He calls me bitchy. He calls me moody. He calls me cranky. He calls me lousy. Well, that’s not my name (if you are going to ask me). That’s why at the end of the day, he still calls me honey. Happy Anniversary! PS.  After […] CONTINUE READING →

Happy 4th of June

Before the fireworks light up the sky on the 4th of July, let me greet this blog first a happy anniversary. Yes, we turned four this month of June…9th of June to be precise. I wish I have a bottle or two of these mini Moet & Chandon Champagne but a mere SanMig Light is […] CONTINUE READING →

The First Time I Wear Abaya

abaya From distressed jeans to abaya is indeed a radical change of outfit but not that you know of. It was another extremely sunny morning. Right after breakfast, Rolex and I took my mama and sister to see one of the magnificent structure in this corner of the world, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. It wasn’t […] CONTINUE READING →

Double Treat Under the February Weather

I am feeling under the weather. I need to bundle up in sweater weather.Runny nose, itchy nose, feverish senses, watery eyes and unwanted sneezing occupies most of my routine today. All of these I have to catch and most probably pass on to another vitamin C-insufficient bastard person. #toobad 🙁 In order to offset this […] CONTINUE READING →

Christmas is for the Children

While most of my friends are also married and raising at least 1 kid, I am living in a bubble of me, myself and Rolex. We are not complaining nor having the desire to have one. We are completely happy but most of my friends and even my siblings (except LT) shared that the joy […] CONTINUE READING →

Nobody’s Perfect

nobody's perfect I don’t feel like going to work today. I know it’s a Monday and it’s not even the first day of the week in this side of the planet but I feel so down, weary, awful, irritable and ready to spit fire but I am practicing my patience and resilience. First of all, I slept […] CONTINUE READING →


If there is someone who knows myself very well, its no other than myself. Right or wrong? It can really be daunting not knowing who you are. I mean at my age? Hello! I don’t want to wait until I turn 40 and let my life begin. Over the past years, I have mastered the […] CONTINUE READING →

Red October

red october Hello October! What happened? Brace yourselves, I will just be talking non-sense (like I usually do). October means the beginning of the last quarter of the year 2013. Have you gone over your new year’s resolution last January? I bet it’s seemed just like anyone else : intact.haha! Well, I don’t have any, so? I […] CONTINUE READING →

What Marriage Is Made Of

I am one of the worst person to ask about marriage. Yes I am married but people close to me thinks it looks like I am just on a living-in set-up. Anyways, what marriage is, is something too tough to dissect. I can go on telling my own opinion and on the other hand another […] CONTINUE READING →

After 4 Years…

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2013 After 4 years, I realized that love petty quarrels are not worth fighting for. I am really over getting furious at everything. I struggled to put off the fire when the blood on my head hits 100 °C but eventually I also get tired getting mad. If you haven’t […] CONTINUE READING →

Favorite Things Season 5

I’m so happy to see again a few of my favorite things. Moving to another country sometimes would mean not finding the products that you have learned to love and use for a long time. In my case, I am lucky to spot my favorite refresher Evian Facial Spray but I never saw any Neutrogena […] CONTINUE READING →