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Interview: Micha Kosslers

This interview comes us a surprise. Why? Because it will be the first time that I’ll be having a man for an interview feature here in Just a hint, there is more to Micha Kosslers than just being a male addicted to fashion. Read on and find out why… Who are you? What do […] CONTINUE READING →

Interview: Bambi Eyes of The Milano Mode

Ciao! Do I sound quite different? Allow me please. I am just excited that my first interview feature for the year 2013 is a Filipina who followed her heart and found love in one of the fashion capital of the world. Meet Bambi Eyes of The Milano Mode and let’s find out how her zest […] CONTINUE READING →

Interview: Karla Maria

A picture paints a thousand words and based on this picture, the no. 1 word in a thousand would be “shoes”. Meet Karla Maria, the stunning lady behind 1) Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live?  I’m a fashionista living in New York always looking for the latest trends and […] CONTINUE READING →

Interview: Kelly Alexandra

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done an interview on this blog and yet its the part I enjoyed the most. Finally I found the perfect person to re-start this portion at The current fashion scene is no longer ruled just by models and designers. With the rise of personalities such as Rachel […] CONTINUE READING →

My Titan

“Would you want to be remembered most for the money you made or the money you gave away?” Nice – but can I be remembered for both? (just kidding). I really can’t help myself but I am just so proud that my secret and now “not-secret crush-anymore” is there in that $126 Billion Net Worth […] CONTINUE READING →

I Love Sharapova and her …

Have you been keeping a watchful eye on Wimbledon this year? I do, because my husband does not only love tennis but he is in love with Maria Sharapova. Well, I love her too. I love Sharapova and her pair of dangling earrings. I want! Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Scott and Garance

There are people that inspires you to do something you didn’t know you wanted to do…Cheers to these amazing creatures in the blogworld Scott Schuman and Grance Dore! CFDA Honorees! Read more on their interview here via Cheers!   CONTINUE READING →


ph: Alongside Demi Moore, Giovanna Battaglia and Taylor Tomasi Hill – I just discovered another woman oozzing with “chicaness” all over her body and personality – HANNELI MUSTAPARTA. Hanneli is a model turned photographer-blogger-stylist-DJ. She also writes and contributes to How do you approach getting dressed every day? It happens subconsciously. I might have […] CONTINUE READING →


 There is only one person who has been my classmate since first grade to senior highschool. We were both accelerated at the same time during fifth grade so basically we finished elementary in the same class. We both ended up in the same school in highschool and the same university. I took up Accountancy (I […] CONTINUE READING →

Interview: WEI AND MEI

 Earlier this month, I promised myself that I should post one interview at least in a month. But it is not that easy. First I have to find a very interesting subject. Though I ask only basic questions, it is difficult to tinker on a blogger’s blog and find out what’s worth writing. However, the […] CONTINUE READING →


Speaking of chic women…here are my style crushes: Giovanna Battaglia and Taylor Tomasi Hill. Anything they put on never goes out of style. Giovanna Battaglia – Editor of L’Uomo Vogue and Contributing Fashion Editor of W magazine Taylor Tomasi Hill – Style and Accessories Director for US Marie Claire magazine photo credit: Tomy Ton for […] CONTINUE READING →


Who:  Carmi MartinWhere:  National Bookstore, Glorietta 5When:  March 11, 2012Remarks:  So pretty in person…well preserved…Botox and all.  Who: Lucy Torres' dadWhere:  Sister Liu's Acupuncture PlaceWhen:  March 10, 2012Remarks:  According to a reliable source, Lucy comes in the afternoon. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →