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Style Blogger Look: Tina Leung

The distressed jeans and golden shoes say it all. About: Tina Leung traded in her studies in drama and film for fashion styling and hasn’t looked back since. Now a freelance stylist, she has worked with editorial titles such as L’Uomo Vogue, Tatler, Prestige, South China Morning Post and Ming Pao Weekly, as well as styling […] CONTINUE READING →

Emma Watson

Emma Watson I have been virtually stalking a number of celebrities, not in a bad way but to highlight their style so regular people like us can take center stage or step up from the rest at least in our own periphery. I love Angelina Jolie and her comfy, Rosie Huntington Whiteley‘s sexy taste and Kim Kardashian just […] CONTINUE READING →

My Smart Hollywood Crushes

I knew it! I am always attracted to smart men (ahem Rolex) even if I I have no inkling that they are really smart. Here are my two Hollywood Crushes who made it to the Top 30 Smartest Celebrities in Hollywood. My all-time-crush Mr. Bourne-now-no-more Matt Damon: “Damon may very well be as smart as […] CONTINUE READING →

Interview: Pursehappy

I am happy! Well, we all should be. So I’ll leave you with this insightful interview with Pursehappy. A Dubai-based artist with a flair for purses. Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live? I go by Pursehappy on Instagram. By day, I work as an Art Director for a large multinational […] CONTINUE READING →

10 Reasons Why We Love Bamboo

I slept very late last night early morning at 2AM today. I spent hours just watching any Bamboo video on youtube. I was supposed to iron clothes but yes, I ended up “youtubing” all that is Bamboo, the post-River Maya and post-Bamboo the-band Bamboo. Having grew up in the 90′s, alternative music has been an […] CONTINUE READING →

Queen of Bhutan, the Real and the Fake

Rolex asked me why I am affected. I said, “No, I am not affected. I am just chismosa.” It was raining (a phenomenon in the Middle East) and I woke up late to this – Mom tells Gretchen: “You are a liar!” (may exclamation point talaga). Of course the chismosa in me read the entire […] CONTINUE READING →