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Happy Mothers Day

This is the day when I wish I am a mother so I can demand for a gift Happy Mother’s Day to all hard-working, selfless and by far the only creature I know who can love unconditionally. Cheers to all your sacrifices. An insanely wonderful daughter like me is so easy to raise I may […] CONTINUE READING →

Favorite Things Season 4

If you know me, I only have 7 living room basics in my dream home: a comfy sofa, a stylish ottoman, a beautiful self-portrait, an elegant chandelier, an array of lamps, a travel photo wall and a piano. Is that 7? It doesn’t hurt to have a view of the infinity pool but I have […] CONTINUE READING →

Zebra Printed Pillows

I love throw pillows as much as I love sofas. At the moment, I am fixated with polka dots. At home right now, my throw pillows are in purple and white polka dots. For a time I was also obsessed with stripes then I found these really cute animal printed throw pillows in very delightful […] CONTINUE READING →

Sex and the City’s Manhattan Apartment

I can’t wait for Homeland to start in September. I am still catching up with Scandal weekly. Both me and Rolex do but there is one new series that I am pretty sure, only me would endure and not him : The Carrie Diaries. While trying to figure out how can I watch it knowing […] CONTINUE READING →

Christmas Gift Guide 10: For the Home

 I can’t wait to have my very own home and start collecting little knick-knacks to fill it. Bloomingdales‘ has a variety of home items to choose from, just below $100. Great Christmas gifts for your couple friends. Enjoy your Christmas shopping! Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Jacuzzi with a View

jacuzzi with a view Last weekend, Rolex and I went to the grocery. On the way out, we noticed that there is a newly opened shop (actually they are not yet officially open as the men at work are still doing some installations). I forgot the name of the shop but their business is all about kitchen and sanitary […] CONTINUE READING →

How to Do the Shit, I Mean the Sheet.

 One of my sins the first thing in the morning is getting out of bed and leaving it as it is. Doing a simple fold and putting the pillows back in proper and presentable position is really hard to master. As much as “I will be late” is the longest running excuse, I am just […] CONTINUE READING →