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International Homes: Boat House Hong Kong

boat house hong kong IΒ think I am going back to my first passion as a child and that is interior design and architecture. In simple terms, as a kid I would simply spend my day drawing houses and flipping the same pages in the encyclopedia which shows pictures of beautiful homes (we don’t have computers and internet then, what […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Happy Mothers Day

This is the day when I wish I am a mother so I can demand for a gift πŸ™‚ Happy Mother’s Day to all hard-working, selfless and by far the only creature I know who can love unconditionally. Cheers to all your sacrifices. An insanely wonderful daughter like me is so easy to raise πŸ™‚ […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Favorite Things Season 4

If you know me, I only have 7 living room basics in my dream home: a comfy sofa, a stylish ottoman, a beautiful self-portrait, an elegant chandelier, an array of lamps, a travel photo wall and a piano. Is that 7? It doesn’t hurt to have a view of the infinity pool but I have […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Zebra Printed Pillows

I love throw pillows as much as I love sofas. At the moment, I am fixated with polka dots. At home right now, my throw pillows are in purple and white polka dots. For a time I was also obsessed with stripes then I found these really cute animal printed throw pillows in very delightful […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Jacuzzi with a View

Last weekend, Rolex and I went to the grocery. On the way out, we noticed that there is a newly opened shop (actually they are not yet officially open as the men at work are still doing some installations). I forgot the name of the shop but their business is all about kitchen and sanitary […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Paint it White

Rolex and I are still in the quest for our dream home. We don’t know where. We don’t know how. We don’t know when!haha! I promise myself to enter the lottery everyday when I get home next month. Who knows I can wean over my innate jinx powers and surprise myself even. The kitchen is […] CONTINUE READING β†’

Living Room Basics

Lately Rolex and I have been talking about homes,houses & lots, condominiums and infinity pools…with S para marami…haha! Being here in the “Land of Kaugahan” is a no-permanent-thing. As they say, “You can never can tell” what the future brings. So basically we are on a temporary-living-basis. We really do not have a choice but […] CONTINUE READING β†’

FEEL AT HOME : My Dream Home is Back

 Previously on Feel At Home…I posted an entry about my dream house. Now I found another version with a title " Houses for Couples who want a Cheap"…what? whatever but I am happy to know that my dream house is cheap…affordable. But how cheap is cheap these days? The glass walls should be one-way…how? Baket […] CONTINUE READING β†’


 " Feel at home "….We often hear this from the host or the owner of the homes we are visiting. So I am naming all my posts about homes " FEEL AT HOME ". Until now, I can’t still decide what is my dream home. Of course, I have become realistic as I matured (ahem). Home per […] CONTINUE READING β†’


 Our neighbor is building a new house….as in HOUSE! Then, this is the house beside the one under construction. Then another house beside it. Next is our house…..But I will not post here. It’s unfair to compare…LOL! CONTINUE READING β†’