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Friends & Family Sale at Bloomingdales

 We love our friends. We love our family. We love SALE! Bloomingdales has rolled again this time of the year its Friends & Family Sale where you can get 20% discount on regular and sale items. Isn’t it such the right time of the year to make that Christmas list for friends and family…and for […] CONTINUE READING →

Trend Alert: Cap Toe Shoes

 Cap Toe Shoes according to is also known as a tip, a cap toe is a decorative piece of leather across the toe of a shoe marked by a straight stitch across the overlay. Whether you want it in booties, flats, studded, neon, metallic…there’s just a wide range to choose from. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Outfit Inspiration: Denim on Denim

This is another look I want to achieve. It looks so achievable! haha! It’s just a matter of finding the right denim to be paired with another denim. As a contrast, it seemed just perfect to match a rugged clothing with a very feminine pair of footwear. Shop the look: PS. The hair is another […] CONTINUE READING →

From the Runway to Your Closet: NYFW Spring 2013

Having recently attended a formal event, I realized that every woman should have a formal set of wardrobe ready in her closet. We always see black as a no-fail for all occasion but I also find it appropriate to wear something that is stylishly feminine in quite muted shade such as this Donna Karan piece […] CONTINUE READING →

Men Must Have: A Woman on His Shirt

I know only a few men who are not scared of PDA (Public Display of Affection). If you are shy like that, then I think it’s not really too much of a PDA to wear your woman on your shirt, even if she doesn’t look exactly like that..just say it represents her.LOL! Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

How to Dress Up Men ?

My friend plugged me in recently and asked: Can you feature “Men Must Have”? Yeah right! I  never thought on how to fine tune men when it comes to fashion. In the first place, I am still in doubt if there are men reading this blog. All my life, I only know two men. My […] CONTINUE READING →

Cath and Her Bag

My friend Cath (though I call her II or ii) was furious last week. Why? Her son’s nanny just put the marker uncapped inside her Cath Kidston bag. haha! (Ooops, why did I laugh?) Sorry, ii… First the nanny broke the electric fan, then torn her hubby’s Havaianas while playing outdoor games with the kids […] CONTINUE READING →

Del Rey: The Making of a Mulberry Icon

 I am still waiting for the day when I can finally get hold of my own Mulberry Bayswater…I don’t know when but looks like there is a new one paving its way to be a Mulberry icon. “With its sophisticated mix of modern and retro luxury, the “Del Rey”, named for the American singer Lana […] CONTINUE READING →