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Proenza Schouler for MAC

Women should wear make up only when needed. Women should take off their make up before going to bed (It doesn’t only irritates the skin but the sheets as well 🙂 ). Make up should enhance women’s beauty not totally replace them with a different look. Blah…blah…blah. These do’s and don’ts can be infinite but truthfully, […] CONTINUE READING →

Favorite Things Season 5

I’m so happy to see again a few of my favorite things. Moving to another country sometimes would mean not finding the products that you have learned to love and use for a long time. In my case, I am lucky to spot my favorite refresher Evian Facial Spray but I never saw any Neutrogena […] CONTINUE READING →

Crowning Glory

I have done all kinds of hairstyle.Except for bald or skin-head, I am a curly top until 3 I guess. My childhood memories were spent sporting a boy-cut. It was only in third grade when I thought that a bob cut is already a Rapunzel because my first taste of long locks was when I […] CONTINUE READING →


Just last Sunday, “Master Diwara” (my source of the latest spotted celebrities in Manila) posted a photo of Gretchen Barretto (ASAP guesting) on our private FB group page. This was the caption : BOTOX MUCH. Hahahaha! I told her that I am even using anti-wrinkles now at 32. The other night, “Master Diwara” sent a […] CONTINUE READING →