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Favorite Things Season 5

I’m so happy to see again a few of my favorite things. Moving to another country sometimes would mean not finding the products that you have learned to love and use for a long time. In my case, I am lucky to spot my favorite refresher Evian Facial Spray but I never saw any Neutrogena […] CONTINUE READING →

Crowning Glory

20130212-130112.jpg I have done all kinds of hairstyle.Except for bald or skin-head, I am a curly top until 3 I guess. My childhood memories were spent sporting a boy-cut. It was only in third grade when I thought that a bob cut is already a Rapunzel because my first taste of long locks was when I […] CONTINUE READING →


Just last Sunday, “Master Diwara” (my source of the latest spotted celebrities in Manila) posted a photo of Gretchen Barretto (ASAP guesting) on our private FB group page. This was the caption : BOTOX MUCH. Hahahaha! I told her that I am even using anti-wrinkles now at 32. The other night, “Master Diwara” sent a […] CONTINUE READING →