Beauties and the Queens

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May 2013 covers are all about beautiful faces and beauty queens hence the beauties and the queens. I am not an expert with this subject matter. In the first place, I do not proclaim that I am beautiful (as in hello look at Kristine Hermosa on the cover of Mega this month) only my mothers does 🙂 My height does not even pass I think to be a beauty queen (Im just 5’4”).

If you are in a beauty pageant and asked : Define what is a beautiful woman. What will be your magic answer? Well I often hear that the formula is physical beauty + brains + personality. Holly cow, its so hard to possess those 3 all in one person.

If we talk about physical beauty, I believe that it is really in the eyes of the beholder. The way we perceived ourselves of course has an impact on our personality but more often than not our own perception to ourselves is wrong. Well it takes guts and glory to proclaim you are indeed physically beautiful but beauty has more meaning when it comes as a compliment from others (truthful others).

To be intelligent is totally inborn. So I can’t do much about it. However, to be smart is another thing which can make you always get away with anything. To be totally honest, a beautiful face melts into sweat once a woman opens her mouth. I did not say she has bad breath, but the way she speaks tantamount to the total package. Its hard to be beautiful only on photos with the aid of photoshop. We are in the real life!

Last but not the least is personality. There is this woman who is not endowed with physical beauty, she is not that smart too and to top it all she’s a bitch. That’s when personality comes in, its ok not to look like a goddess and to talk very articulately but if you have an attitude problem then its definitely not beautiful at all. Remember that perhaps above all of these, a beautiful heart matters the most.

Kristine Hermosa Mega magazine cover

Kristine Hermosa

preview cover may 2013

Shamcey , Janine and Venus

Bea Alonzo


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