BDO and the ATM Machine Scam

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atm machine scam

I would have gone mad (as in furious like I have killed you 77 x 7 in my mind) if it happened to me. Have you heard of the ATM Machine Scam? It happened to my dear friend.

“My personal experience this Jan 2013: Returned from a business trip not knowing that my whole month pay (plus other reimbursements) was being withdrawn via another bank ATM ilegally and without my authorization. My account was not even in the bank’s list of “suspected accounts that was breached”, so this was not blocked (as mentioned in the article the bank blocks automatically these accounts as a pro-active measure). The bank denied my claim for reimbursement and even pointed out that I, as a depositor, should have been responsible for the security of my card and PIN. I did my part since the card was in our possession all the while. It is the bank’s responsibility to safeguard the accounts of its depositors. I am still fighting this one out to get back my hard earned savings from this bank. Take extra care everyone, monitor your accounts on a more regular basis. Please share as this can happen to anyone who makes a decent living and finds out it was taken just like that. But you still get blamed in the end by the bank who is supposed to keep your savings safe.” – via her FB account

The bank that my friend is referring to is BDO. This is totally insane, check out BDO’s reply to my dear friend’s formal complaint:

“In view of the above, we regret to advise you that we are unable to reimburse you for the amount you are claiming as we have no basis to justify same given that the transactions were made using a valid/ legitimate NDO ATM Debit Card Number and ATM PIN.

As a Card Holder, you are fully responsible for the security of both your BDO ATM Debit Card and ATM PIN as well as for all transactions made using the same card issued to you as stipulated in the “Terms and Conditions Governing Deposit Accounts” by which you agreed to be bound.”

So that’s it pancit? As if you put your 1 month salary into a useless charity. It’s a fact that there is an ATM scam but what about the security of our hard-earned money in the bank? Shall we just call all BDO depositors to withdraw their money in the bank because they are not in safe hands? Isn’t there such thing as compromise just like when banks go bankrupt, there’s PDIC? BDO, you said “We find ways” but unfortunately now its “No ways”.

Calling all law makers, please do something not just to the scammers, but also on how to protect the public and their hard-earned funds. Calling all politicians running for public office in May 2013, these ATM Scam victims are voters, please do something.

PS. To know more about the International ATM Scam, click here.


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  1. Whoa! This was all they could do? And the letter sounded so impersonal. Hey Elns, seeking your permission to repost this in my blog? With proper credit and linkbacks of course. 🙂 Belated Happy B and V Days!

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