At the Border

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It is a standard that no photo or video-taking is allowed inside the immigration premises of a country you are leaving or entering. As what the men in tuxedo at the Sistine Chapel would shout ” No Photos…No Cameras” (in Italian accent, of course). I wish I could post a picture to show what exactly happened to me at the Singapore border to Malaysia, as usual my jinx powers have kicked in.

Upon entering Singapore from the Land of Kaugahan, non-residents like me needs to fill up an embarkation card and should submit the other half of the card when leaving Singapore. The next day, we went to Malaysia. Initially, we really did not plan to visit Malaysia because Kuala Lumpur (capital city) is quite far when traveling by land and we have a limited time. Nevertheless, we still went ahead but instead to the nearest city from the Singapore border (stupid me, I forgot the name).

So here, I am on the queue next to Rolex and was just reminded that I totally forgot my embarkation card (another stupid me). Can you picture out the counter where the immigration officer sits? I was asked to get inside while waiting for the immigration police. The counter was not covered in glass so I was sitting there for all other people to see. I felt like a convicted felon, much more when the immigration police escorted me to the immigration office upstairs. I was following him, walking like I was hand-cuffed for a crime I committed, haha! (if forgetting your embarkation card was a crime). A few minutes I was released along with my passport. Rolex and his cousin were waiting outside, laughing at me. Rolex asked, “were you scared?”…I said, “of course not, I’m used to it.” – check this out (needs to be updated though).

Now, I have a motto when it comes to my jinx powers…”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

photo credit: Google photos

PS. If you are a tourist in Singapore and specially if its your first-time like me, you will never fail to strike a pose with The Merlion at the Merlion Park near Marina Bay. It must be my lucky day but the Merlion was hidden from the public during my visit. It was struck by lightning.



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