Always Travel With the One You Love

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travel with the one you love

Prague, Czech Republic

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love”. Why? You will find out why and like me, I’m sure most of you already knows the answer.

So, always travel with the one you love…

who competes for the window seat like you

Train ride from Vienna to Prague

who saves a lot of pocket money (who buys bottled water in Europe? Me!!!)

travel with the one you love

Rome, Italy

who enjoys getting drunk as much as you do

travel with the one you love

Paris, France

who wouldn’t mind doing fancy once-in-a-lifetime stuff with you

After the $150 or approx. Php 7,000 per person afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab.
Me: Hon, when are we coming back here?
Rolex: Bumalik ka mag-isa! (Go back on your own!)

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

At the Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab, Dubai

who believes you when you say, “hey hon, people from this side of the world looks exactly like you” 🙂

travel with the one you love

Louvre, Musuem

Vatican, Museum

who takes a perfect shot of your solo picture so he can have his solo too

Warsaw, Poland

who finds a way to get his photo taken if the one you took is not good enough

St. Peter Square, Vatican

who will do whatever it takes to capture a picture-perfect you

Abu Dhabi, UAE

who loves photography so much he would catch the sunlight and wait for the blue hour and imagine yourself waiting for him at the end of the day

London, England

who likes to talk to strangers even if you don’t want him to

Bangkok, Thailand

Backstage at the Miss Saigon in West End, London

even strangers don’t like it too!!!!!!!

Budapest, Hungary

who always play around

Palawan, Philippines

who copies your blogger pose

travel with the one you love

Venice, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

who endures long conversations with you because actually there is no one else but the two of you (hello tripod and self-timer)

Sur, Oman

Though, he only holds your hand when the airplane takes off and lands, he wouldn’t care and always dare to kiss you in public.

travel with the one you love

Edinburgh, Scotland

Happy Birthday!!! Me, myself and I love travelling with you. We don’t have much of a choice and whether you like it or not, you love travelling with me too. LOL!

PS. Will this blog post count as a gift? hehe


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