After One Year…

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18 August 2009 to 18 August 2010…

What I learned after one year of being married?

Simple…Huwag i-career ang marriage!

Actually I already shared this with a very good friend who is about to get married this month. In fact I’m one of the “Ninang” @ 30!

So here’s my take of “huwag i-career”…

Just enjoy your marriage. Do not think as if you are stuck to that other person your entire life because if you do, you will feel miserable if ever something went wrong. My ex-boyfriend would say, we met when we are already grown-ups so we should be able to do things on our own, independently! Do not expect him to open the door for you because you can open the door yourself. The same way that you should let your partner wash his own clothes ‘coz he can do it. Actually living together is a matter of  assignments, do your job for it to work. You are not expected to get A+, sometimes you will fail but don’t worry ‘coz there is no final exam, haha! You will fight over the most non-sense stuff the world could imagine or over something a little serious but believe me, you will still wish he did not slept on the floor.

When you are too serious about married life, you tend to associate it with the norms and standards, a wife should be like this, a husband should be like that, straight! But we are living in a completely modern world and rules have changed. When i-career, you forget that there is still life outside marriage. Just like work, when you “career” it, you will get sick and tired after sometime. Your partner is not your only world, there is your family, friends and kids ( if you have one ). You should have a “me-time” to be sane, haha!

Lastly, live up to what you have promised to your partner when you utter your vows of love in the house of God. This reminds me of a line from one of my favorite song: LOVE IS A TEMPLE, LOVE IS HIGHER LAW. Those words are binding, it’s a sin if you break them. So beware! Karmatic effect!

It is not required to say I love you everyday. For me, what matters is when you say it, you mean it. That is why each time after we make love I say “I f***ed you”. haha! Just kidding…

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY…What do you have in mind? I accept both in cash and in kind. I LOVE YOU ( I mean it).

Wedding Day – 081809


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