After 8 Years…

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18 August 2009 – 18 August 2017

After 8 years…we have officially retired.

For 7 years, Rolex and I have hibernated in Oman. We have lived peacefully and happily in the “Land of Kaugahan” that we still call home until now. Several years before that, we love going out and drinking responsibly (I assume). We definitely enjoyed our single lives to the fullest.

Those who belonged to my generation please raise your hands. Do you still remember V-Bar in Makati? The last time I was in Manila, Embassy was the go-to place. Now, it must be a totally different scene.

Last week, we went out with my niece AJ who was vacationing from UK. She lectured me and Rolex on the ABC’s of clubbing. We were clueless.

Do you know what the hell is pre-drinks? We went to a pub first and they laughed at me because I ordered iced tea…but it has alcohol you know (trying to be cool). Then we moved to another bar in Whyte Ave. and had tequila shots. Oh boy, I was already tipsy. We were supposed to make a stop in another bar in Jasper Ave. but I wanted to go straight to the last stop so we can end the night right away.

It was almost 12 midnight when we arrived and the place was still empty. My niece said we were way too early. The DJ was playing music that I have not even heard before. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled and Rihanna was in the air and the rest is history. All I can remember was saying, “Can I rest?”. I no longer have the energy to stand much more dance a whole song with a bottle of beer in one hand in my Jimmy Choo’s (charot!). We left at around 1:30 am just when the people started coming.


The Bower – Jasper Ave – Aug 2017

PS. Do you wonder where was Rolex? He was just sitting comfortably in one of the bar’s cozy couches having a drink or was it two?


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