After 7 Years…

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Eden Nature Park – Davao City, Philippines – August 2009 (a few days after our wedding)

18 August 2009 – 18 August 2016

After 7 years…it feels like we just got married… you know that wedding aftermath.

Rolex and I have just moved in to a new place, Unit #404 to be exact in one of the condominiums in downtown Edmonton (those who know my nephew Nile are aware why we are in the 4th floor and not higher).  As new residents of the city, we do not own any material thing besides our clothes, shoes, bags, TV, laptop and quite a number of fridge magnets we have collected from all our travels. We basically move in with ourselves and these few possessions.

Just imagine… we have to buy everything from champagne flutes to nail cutter (what? we don’t have a freakin’ nail cutter!!!). This is what I meant by wedding aftermath. To make it worst, we don’t have wedding gifts to open.

Our one-bedroom unit looks like an Ikea showroom…well not really. We just bought all our furniture from Ikea but as far as I know it’s not even close to how the showroom is put together. Did I forget to mention that we are on a tight budget? hahaha! By the way, assembling the pieces of furniture from Ikea is even another different story, a long story indeed.

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We have been “home” for 18 days now and among the things left undone is that our picture frame in the living room remains blank (well, there’s that sample photo included upon purchase) Why? We can’t agree which photograph to display. While I wanted to highlight a very memorable candid photo taken when we were in Paris, France… Rolex wants something else. He wants to post this photo at the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.

READ | Venezia

rialto bridge

Rialto Bridge – Venice, Italy – 2011

What? I mean, why? Who doesn’t love Paris…the city of love!

Rolex: Anybody can go to Paris but only a few will go to Rialto Bridge.

Me: Precisely. Who cares about Rialto! Look at those pile of empty bottles of softdrinks beside your favorite bridge.

The Rialto Bridge (Italian: Ponte di Rialto) is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. It is the oldest bridge across the canal.- wiki

End of Story.

PS. We agreed to display two picture frames… his Rialto and my Eiffel Tower. This is marriage… always compromise.


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