After 6 Years…

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wedding at cana

Muscat, Oman – 2015

18 August 2009 – 18 August 2015

After 6 years…Rolex and I sealed in three milestones in our conscious coupling.

A few days ago I realized that the whole 6 years of our married life was indeed spent in this corner of the world away from our home country. Thank God or else we will not be celebrating any anniversaries anymore and I am not joking. I really have a strong feeling that its hard to stay married nowadays. I mean, I know a lot of couple in my age group who are already separated, annulled or in the process of annulment. This is the new normal. If it happened to them, it can happen to anyone of us.

Some Good Things Never Last

While away from the comfort of of our family back home, actually Rolex and I agree that we have learned to stick to one another because we don’t have anyone else but ourselves. The 6 years that we spent in Oman as a couple made our bond stronger.

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However, we have decided to finally end our stint in Oman. It’s a bonus that life there where I once called “Land of Kaugahan” (Dry Land) has been very generous to us. It flew us to many great places around the world. It helped us realized some of our goals and for that we will forever be grateful.

wedding at cana

Jerash, Jordan – 2015

Wedding at Cana

Another milestone we celebrated was the renewal of our wedding vows at Cana.

In Christianity, the transformation of water into wine at the Marriage at Cana or Wedding at Cana is the first miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John. In the biblical account, Jesus and his mother are invited to a marriage, and when the wine runs out, Jesus performs a miracle by turning water into wine. – wiki

wedding at cana

Cana of Galilee – 2015

We actually have a background story about renewal of vows… Well, I should just tell you about it after 10 years of marriage which I plan (not we) to renew in Las Vegas to be officiated by Elvis Presley hahaha!

New Beginnings

wedding at cana

Banff, Alberta, Canada – 2015

Now, we are starting our lives all over again as in literally starting all over again. Things are better said than done. Managed expectations? Oh we are so good at that but seriously it is not easy leaving your comfort zone to try something new and challenging. We have moved to a new place where it’s sunny at -1 °C, where the inside of a freezer is more cozy than winter, where working hard pays off (I believe so) and where you certainly know where your taxes go.

How shall I end this? Ooops, I forgot this is just the beginning.


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