After 3 Years…

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luli island palawan

Luli Island Puerto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines – Summer 2012

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2012

After 3 years, I realized that you can actually say anything you want to say to your husband. It might be the most ugly truth but living in a beautiful lie will not take you to the 4th year, I hope not. I am no good in face-to-face confrontation but I am so good in writing down all my sentiments. In that way, my thoughts are complete and therefore I wouldn’t miss a point that I want to change or clarify. Besides, speaking out specially if you are at the height of your emotions will make you utter words you wished you can take back later on. Well, its really up to you where you are good at. What matters is to always communicate. Say it or write it. Make yourself be heard. It it falls on deaf ears, sometimes it’s good to scream it out loud, haha!


After Two Years…


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