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I am reposting again today May 8, 2012
In the recent "celebrity death match" between the journalist Mon Tulfo and celebrity couple Raymart Santiago & Claudine Barretto, all I can say is this: CEBU PACIFIC is the root of all evil. Period.

Reposted on September 9, 2011
This year 2011, we did not go home (Pnas), instead we went to Europe. One year rewind, let me take you back to my hell-like experience with CEBU PACIFIC. I swear I will repost it every year. Here it goes…

Originally posted on September 11, 2010
“ Do not make decisions when you are at the peak of your emotions”. I truly agree and that is the reason why I am putting this into writing just now…3 days after that very day, I swear CEBU PACIFIC should fly from the Pacific and end up in hell!
Leaving your family for another year of working abroad is always not a very happy moment. We all leave with a heavy heart and teary eyes conceived in big sunglasses. How would you feel if you top this up with 12 enraging hours in the airport, to no avail missed your connecting flight and charged $100 rebooking fee and receive a meaningless “sorry” from the airline management? Tell me how would you feel? No amount of Nissin noodles for breakfast and Jollibee 1-piece chicken for lunch can appease every passenger who was charged dollars for missing their connecting flights and other appointments. A shameless “sorry” is nothing for those who waited 12 hours and more in a lousy airport simply because Cebu Pacific did not check not just ONE but TWO aircrafts which have caused all of these unnecessary delays. Provided that these aircraft malfunctions (aircraft1: ABORTED TAKE OFF DUE TO ENGINE FAILURE; aircraft2: HYDRAULICS PROBLEM) that could have caused our pour souls are inevitable, the Cebu Pacific management is not even prepared for instances like these. They do not know what to do. No one was there to face the passengers and give concrete answers to the queries on how to proceed. The ground staff was like a statue who faces you with blank stares pretending to be listening, yet they have nothing in mind. I would say, they were not trained properly for situations like these. I believe, there is a Standard Operating Procedure for this kind of situations which they have failed to implement.
To aggravate the already aggravating scene, the 2 PM flight flew ahead of the 12:30 PM flight. How’s that? Imagine a priority list for those with international connecting flights which were confirmed for the 2PM schedule. Since these passengers were prioritized, around 15 of us were able to sneak in as chance passengers for the 12:30 schedule. I thought it was the end of our ordeal. We waited patiently until we realized that the flight after us was already boarding and we find ourselves left behind. In short, our DELAYED FLIGHT IS AGAIN DELAYED.
Why they leave us clueless? Why are they treating their passengers like idiots? Simply because we are simple people who have no choice but to grab a seat sale from these f*****g BUDGET AIRLINE? WTF!!! Please note that there were a number of foreign nationals who were on the same flight. What impression does it leave them about the Philippines? These people are on vacation because they want to relax and enjoy and not be f***ed up. Honestly, I was relieved at first to have chosen CP over PAL because of the PAL strike but this is way, way, way worst than PAL. 3 hours was the longest delay I have experienced with PAL and Cebu Pacific breaks the record at 12 hours, Congratulations!
As a consolation, Cebu Pacific gave us 2 free flights ( one-way only )…valid for 6 months. WTF, we will be back in the Philippines after a year only. The station manager (SM) suggested emailing certain personnel thru customerservice@cebupacificair.com if they can extend the validity. It’s been 2days since my email and no reply as of this writing. In addition, the SM agreed to waive our excess luggage for our rescheduled flight ( Php 1,800 ). Take note, the free flights and excess luggage waiver was granted because we asked for it, it was not provided to everybody who got delayed. Goodness gracious! I have experienced 2-3 hours delay in my flight from Detroit to Houston ( due to weather conditions and not a faulty aircraft ) and was given additional points for my flyer card plus freebies. Oh yes! Reminder, this is third world territory.
I wish I am rich and sing “ We flyin’ first class up in the sky. We flyin’ first class livin’ the life”…but I am not Fergie ( the Duchess? ). I am just thankful that my ex-boyfriend and I are safe and still in one piece. They say that if the first plane continued to take off, we would have definitely applied what the flight attendants would demonstrate: “ In Case of a Water Landing, the Life Vests Can be Found Under your Seats” because we will definitely end up in the waters of Samal Island.
Thank you Mama Mary for saving us on your birthday.
PS. We were stucked in the airport for 12 hours (5am to 5pm) because that is how long we choose to wait & stay. When we left at around 5pm, Cebu Pacific 5J966 bound from Davao to Manila was still there and the management has no definite time yet as to when it will fly.


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