A Night at the Opera (or Orchestra)

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I do believe in the saying “Do not make decisions when you are at the peak of your emotion”. Precisely why I decided to write about this after my emotion has totally subsided, around a week after. However, instagram = instant so I posted a single photo (see below) right after the event to which my besfriend commented, “did you cry? i think that’s a must. haha”. She is absolutely right, I cried and I can’t stop myself from crying (I’ll tell you later which part of the performance I shed bucket of tears.)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Opera House Muscat

I told Rolex it was my first time to watch an orchestra, live! He said no and went on telling me that the Les Miserables musical we watched at West End, London was actually with an orchestra though not complete. Well, he’s right but this time the orchestra is the center of attraction and its a complete ensemble plus its the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for heaven’s sake and the conductor is the one and only David Firman (conducted the original West End productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera and Cats among others).


The Venue: Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM)

We have been really looking forward to watch a performance at ROHM. Its a prominent structure in the capital of Oman simply because it is grandiose. According to wiki, the ROHM was built on the royal orders of Sultan Qaboos of Oman, the Royal Opera House reflects contemporary Omani architecture, and has a capacity to accommodate maximum of 1,100 people. This opera house is first in the world equipped with Radio Marconi‘s multimedia interactive display seatback system, Mode23.The opera house complex consists of a concert theatre, auditorium, formal landscaped gardens, cultural market with retail, luxury restaurants and an art centre for musical, theatrical and operatic productions.


Minutes before the show, souvenir shot together before Rolex parted ways with his camera (and tripod!). Notice the difference in the photo before this? That was edited byBernard while this was c/o yours truly

Once inside the building, our snaps were limited only with my Iphone. I hope these photos would give justice to beauty of the place.


The Lobby


The Ceiling


Custome made Arabic Lamp


The Stage…then the usher came and told me “photos not allowed”


My Date 🙂

Now moving on to the dramatic part.

The show is actually called, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Best of Broadway. As the title suggests, the performance will be composed of classics from the Broadway musical such as Les Miserables, Chicago, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, etc. Apart from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, singers Ria Jones and Graham Bickley were both world-class and respected on stage. I fell in love with their duet of Beauty and the Beast and I was equally astounded with Graham’s rendition of Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera). But the song that floored me and drowned me in tears is Memory (Cats) which Ria nailed perfectly with her amazing vocal powers. The music of the orchestra can really move mountains. You can hear every single sound and beat of each musical instrument even sounds unfamiliar to my ear which kept me asking Rolex what instrument was that. Well, he often gave me a stern look as a reply ( a gentle reminder to keep my mouth shut while the show is going on, haha!). With all those given, I really can’t help my self but cry. I don’t know why but I just realized right there and there that the song Memory is among the saddest songs ever written.

Not a sound from the pavement
Has the moon lost her memory?
She is smiling alone
In the lamplight
The withered leaves collect at my feet
And the wind begins to moan

All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

Every streetlamp
Seems to beat a fatalistic warning
Someone mutters
And the streetlamp gutters
And soon it will be morning

I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life
And I musn’t give in
When the dawn comes
Tonight will be a memory too
And a new day will begin

Burnt out ends of smoky days
The stale cold smell of morning
The streetlamp dies, another night is over
Another day is dawning

(This is the part where the stage is out of sight because my eyes (well, face) were covered with tears. I succumb to my emotion that my heart can stop beating. The stanza which starts with the line “Touch Me” is I think a note or two higher and the orchestra suddenly slammed the beat louder that the music will swallow you and then it ends very smoothly with “A new day has begun”)

Touch me
It’s so easy to leave me
All alone with the memory
Of my days in the sun
If you touch me
You’ll understand what happiness is

A new day has begun

 Enough said. We went home past 11pm singing our hearts out.

PS. I was overjoyed that the finale song is an ABBA Medley from the musical Mamma Mia.

PPS. How can I forget not to include OOTD? I am no-celebrity so I can never be charged as a serial repeater. Here’s what I wore to the event in obedience to the dress code: conservative dresses below the knees for women.


This is the same dress I wore to my 32nd birthday celebration. I love the very Missoni-like prints.

Dress: Lipsy London

Cape: Mango

Wedges: Kenneth Cole (designer piece here at a discount)

Bag: Banana Republic



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