3 Things I Learned This Weekend

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How was your weekend? Mine, as usual was very predictable : Sleep, Eat, Watch, Eat, Sleep. However, inspite of its monotony there are some perks that made it quite interesting. Let me share you the 3 things I learned this weekend.

1) I have mastered that art of remote communication. Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East…I figured it out that I have family in almost each of the continents in the world. One time, my sister called me the “Call Center” because most of the time, I am the moderator in connecting our family’s lives electronically. In order to free myself from the sin of forgetting a special person’s birthday, I managed to text my 8-year-old nephew via Viber to greet him “advance happy birthday”.

Me: Hello BB Nile! Advance Happy Birthday:
BB Nile: THANK YOU TITA LANGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS DAY I GET A …. (drum roll) XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!
Me: Wow! Congratulations!
BB Nile: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
BB Nile: I MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Don’t play XBOX until you finish homework ok?
BB Nile: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Ok. Im going to bed now.
BB Nile: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT FORGET THE XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!K!!!!!!!!
Me: What? (I read again our conversation, did he just asked me to buy him an XBOX?)
Me: Oh yeah! You got an XBOX for your birthday.
BB Nile: NOT ON MY BIRTHDAY, I’LL GET IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: haha! Oh yeah! It’s an advance birthday gift.
Me: So, just a “nothing gift”?
BB Nile: NO!!!!!!!!!! A LENT GIFT.

I didn’t know that Lent Gift exists. Am I out of this world? Well, for two consecutive lent season now, BB Nile gave up the Ipad and computer for 40 days. Wow! seemed so hard for me to do that (I need more EQ). And for the fist time, all caps and exaggerated amount of exclamation points (!!!!!!!!) never sounded so loud. He must be really excited.

Read here for another funny conversation with BB Nile.

2) How to do the “candy kiss” .

candy kiss

This is what I get from watching too much Korean drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) While watching a show on ANC about marital finances, Rolex and I learned this:

WITH THE COST OF ANNULMENT NOWADAYS, IT’S MUCH CHEAPER TO KEEP YOUR SPOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (alright, is that loud and clear?)

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

PS. I tried the candy kiss with Rolex and he said it was gross 🙂 But I bet he wouldn’t think twice with Kim Tae-Hee.

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