10 Reasons Why We Love Bamboo

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why we love bamboo

I slept very late last night early morning at 2AM today. I spent hours just watching any Bamboo video on youtube. I was supposed to iron clothes but yes, I ended up “youtubing” all that is Bamboo, the post-River Maya and post-Bamboo the-band Bamboo.

Having grew up in the 90’s, alternative music has been an inevitable part of my highschool life.  The first song I ever learned to play with the guitar was the Eraserhead’s “Pare Ko”. I fell deeply in love with Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar and had a huge crush on Rico Blanco of River Maya but not with his bandmate Bamboo. Why?

After how many years, the music scene has evolved. Bands have dis-band and re-band. Frontmen have come solo, re-united with their band or with a different one and it is so fascinating to note that at this point in the music industry of very tough competition, Bamboo the solo artist, now a music icon has stood the test of times, still at the height of his career.

Why we love Bamboo? Here are 10 reasons why (in no particular order) :

  1. He has a very unique recording voice. Just like The Voice of the Philippines where Bamboo happens to be a judge, you will push that button right away once you hear him sing. In fact, you can just close your eyes the entire time and his voice is just #&#&($)@&*#.!
  2. His antics on stage are still alive and kicking. He might have mellowed down (he used to lie on the floor before while singing) but the moves are still there.
  3. He is indeed a brilliant songwriter and composer.
  4. He is just so passionate on his craft even on rehearsal videos I saw on youtube, its like already the real deal.
  5. He is a family man. In an interview with Karen Davila at ANC Headstart, Bamboo said that being a father is his badge wherever he goes. 
  6. As an artist true to his craft, he’s not into drinking (he drinks wine occasionally) and smoking. He goes to the gym and eats healthy. He has never ever done drugs amidst all myths. In fact, he was often referred to as the antithesis of a rockstar.
  7. I like it when he opens his mouth and speak. He’s spontaneous and speaks humbly and confidently at the same time.
  8. He is sexy.Period. He doesn’t even acknowledge that he is. Perhaps it comes out naturally.
  9. He was able to reinvent himself. He is so “now” yet he has been in the industry for more than 15 years.
  10. I love it when he says “my brother”…which actually sounds like “mabrotha”.

All these reasons I realized just now.


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